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Hybrid vehicles have different needs than traditional cars, so you need an auto repair shop in Redding, CA that understands and anticipates the needs of your hybrid. With over 55 years of experience working within the auto repair industry, our ASE-certified technicians are highly adaptable and understand the need of continuing education. We have proven that we are capable of adapting along with the auto industry and adopting new tech to cater to the needs of modern drivers, and that includes the needs of hybrid drivers

Traditional Hybrid Maintenance

While hybrid vehicles require a different approach to auto repair in Redding, CA, a lot of our clients are surprised to learn that the approach to hybrid maintenance is largely the same. For all practical purposes, most hybrid vehicles require the same maintenance tasks as a traditional model which include oil changes, brakes, HVAC flushes, etc. However, while the tasks remain the same, the engine inside differs to accommodate hybrid technology which is why you need a team of technicians that is trained and ready to work on your vehicle.


In addition to proper training, you need the right diagnostic tools to ensure that your vehicle is treated and repaired correctly, which Bryant Automotive is proud to offer. One reason we have retained our AAA certification and stellar reputation within the Redding community is because we work hard to stay current and adapt to the needs of modern drivers.

Hybrid Specific Repairs and Maintenance Tasks

Of course, Hybrid vehicles have their own unique needs in addition to regular engine maintenance and the crew at Bryant Automotive is ready to take care of those. Like traditional models, hybrid vehicles require battery testing, but for a hybrid model this requires testing the NiMH core and multiple battery areas. At some point you will need battery repair or replacement, which will include removing both the NiMH core and battery pack to run a test and then a special discharge and recharge process. During this step any components that are misfiring can be identified and replaced.


The largest issue with hybrid vehicle repair is actually the battery system since this is what the car's electrical component is. Proper diagnostics can get to the heart of the issue quickly and identify if a replacement is needed so that you can once again rely on both fuel sources while driving in Redding, CA.

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